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Default Re: The Real Problem With America's Healthcare System

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
As I have been saying for a while now, the real problem with the rising costs in Healthcare is the system where a Third Party pays the bills. This article does a good job of describing that.
Why people still have no idea what insurance actually is, I can't understand. Mandating insurance was the worst possible thing that could happen, which is of course why the government chose to do it.

I could use this as a springboard in multiple directions, but to stay on track, without even going to the site, as well illustrated in the write up, when people can pay for something via someone else's money, they don't care what it costs.

The government seems to think that the taxpayer's are bottomless pockets free for their picking. The 16th Amendment, IMO, was not created for the government to become the center of financial transactions among the citizen and the business, and neither was it intended that the 'general welfare' remove the responsibility of the citizen to make their own path in the pursuit of happiness.
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