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Default Re: JFK Explains Why US Needs Medicare for All In 1962

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
It's closer to having the ability to negotiate prices for drugs, medical equipment, etc. on a national scale, and having less of a bureaucracy and far fewer middlemen to pay out compared to our system. For example, we spend about five times as much per person on just administrative costs as they do in Canada.

Besides, we deny care all the time over here. It wasn't until the ACA when a person could either be denied coverage for a procedure or even lose their insurance if an underlying pre-existing condition was "discovered".
And if a person is uninsured or underinsured, that makes it a lot more likely they would self-deny medical care because they simply cannot afford the extravagant price tag.

I don't think the Federal Government has the ability to negotiate lower prices. If anything, they will put suppliers, and manufacturers out of business, and that will drive prices up.

This is a ruse for a total government take-over of the ENTIRE field of medicine.

Eventually ALL doctors, and nurses will be government employees, and all medical manufacturing, and supply will be under the federal government.
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