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Default Re: Liberals Now Want To BAN VETERANS From Going To College

Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
Bolded I think that is the biggest point we are trying to make. Democrats are just saying " oh, they are not trying to hurt anyone, let them have their way"
I remember when the big three networks began running TV shows that begin to feature or include gay characters in the cast. There were some people in this country that spoke out about it saying that the networks were trying to normalize an immoral lifestyle.

Those people were either ignored or shot down by the left calling them homophobes and other derogatory terms.

If you would have told those people then that not only will it be acceptable in 2020, but Gay Marriage would be legal, men would be using women's bathrooms in public places simply by claiming they were female and that the left is not only allowing but promoting that men can compete was women in athletic events.

I was sounding the alarm 20 years ago about the normalization of immorality in our society. I said told people this stuff would happen. Most people disagreed. Now they can't figure out how this all happened.
To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead - Thomas Paine

A lie doesn't become truth, a wrong doesn't become right, and Evil doesn't become good, just because it is accepted by the majority. - Booker T Washington
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