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Default Re: Why I got fired from The Denver Post

Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
It's funny how no one cares about the feelings of the people that are forced to use mandated speech.

It's ok for the MSM and every Democrat in the country to call all Republicans, Nazi's, Racist, etc.. And yet NO ONE has been fired for that.

True "Poutrage" is when a person gets fired for calling a man in a dress,
a " Man in a Dress"

Only a leftist can think that is worse than calling an entire group of people Nazi's.

Do the "progressives" ever stand back and look at what they are fighting for?
You and Caldara have hit the mark squarely and on point. Tolerance of differences need go no farther than simple acceptance of those who are different. The presumption that in order to prove such humanity I must adopt new meanings to words and eliminate others is preposterous.

And frankly assigns victimhood to the recipient. Perhaps that is the intention. However I think just getting along as an equal person, instead of a peculiarly special one, would be better for society as a whole.

The kindest, most tolerant, people I know have more problems with a demand for nomenclature changes that identify others into groups than the behavioral differences. I believe that does more to separate us than simple, genuine acceptance.
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