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Default Re: Barrís handpicked prosecutor tells inspector general he canít back right-wing the

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
what is headbanging proof is that Barr services trump not the country.
I'm beginning to think all the GOP who haven't left the party are commies, compromised by commies or paid substantially to go along
how many republican pols and officials have either left the party or are shaking their heads at the antics of the GOP congress' actions including McConnel and Nunes?
So, investigating the VP for selling his office to a corrupt foreign company is of no service to our country? Investigating the cabal of senior officials in the FBI, CIA and the DOJ to corruptly promote investigations into President Trump including lying to the FISA court isn't in the national interest? Do you really support the VP selling his office? Is it OK for Federal law enforcement and intelligence officials to attempt to overthrow a duly elected President because they disagree with the voters?

Which US AG promised to act as wing man for the President who appointed him? Which AG after passing out at least 6 Grant's of immunity to key witnesses in an ongoing investigation with no proffers of testimony or request from the FBI, conducted a secret meeting with the spouse of the prime suspect? Hint, these hyperpartisan AG's were both appointed by the same, recent President.
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