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Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
We have been hearing this new mantra from the left wing MSM. Anyone that doesn't hate Trump is like a cult member, and Trump is like Jim Jones.

What I find interesting is that all the MSM folks got to together and created this narrative using the word "Cult" and no sooner did they put it out there, that everyone, including some on PW, continued this mantra this as if it were their duty.

IMO when people are able to control others by constantly throwing out catch phrases and opinions and then having their sheep repeat these phases and opinions 24/7. I believe it is THESE folks that are the true cultists.

Let it be known that the right will never bow to Trump as the left bowed to Obama.

Check out the Urban dictionary meaning of Trump Cult. Replace the name Trump with Obama, and you will see the truth.
its the hate democrats cult
trump merely took advantage of it
I like presidents who donít forget the words to the Pledge of Allegiance.
~Scott Dworkin
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