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Default Re: Trump Cult

Don't forget the school children indoctrinated to sing Obama praises. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Despite all of the Resistance hatred and smears and my favorite, pearl clutching, the Left hasn't achieved the goal of lynching Trump. But like true zealots they cannot admit they are wrong. Instead it is as Molotov said "show me the man and I'll show you the crime". It doesn't matter that Mueller dispelled the Russian collusion hoax, Trump is still described as a Russian asset. It doesn't matter that the President of the Ukraine didn't feel pressured his statements must be "reinterpreted" to fit the Resistance narrative. As Chairman Mao taught "you are either party of the solution or you are part of the problem" . Those who fail to join the Resistance jihad are part of the problem.

Trump is an existential threat to the standing order. An old white male billionaire who doesn't rely on focus group tested mush for his speeches or let the media filter and message his communications is an enemy that must be destroyed no matter the cost.
What is a 30 something year old single man with a rock in one hand and a Honduran flag in the other?

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