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Default Re: The TSA is a Waste of Money That Doesn't Save Lives and Might Actually Cost Them

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
The TSA is a Waste of Money That Doesn't Save Lives and Might Actually Cost Them
As a test, Homeland Security officials tried to sneak guns and bombs through TSA checkpoints. They succeeded almost every time.

been happening since its creation folks.
TSA is BS security theater, and unconstitutional search

story's from 2016 but nothings changed.
And the solution is NOT hiring "private contractors" to do the same crap.

Israel runs the best terrorist screening if that's what we want we should use that.
If we really want to screen for bombs and gun powered etc people and luggage can go through devices that have sensitive detectors. there have been test done with MICE which detect the stuff that's nearly 100% effective.

But the issue really is the terror event (or accident) on planes is extremely low. and any the programs put in place are expensive overkill.

TSA is a unconstitutional, counter-productive, incompetent waste.
Steve Theodoropoulos and Henry Preston, are former air marshall whistle blowers who exposed:
•Piss poor management,
•supervisors drunk on the job
•TSA search quotas vs real search targets at airports
•TSA harassing Air Marshalls
•Air Marshalls on terror watch list
• TSA insiders who buck system harassed and their families
•proven discrimination against blacks, hispanics, gays within the air marshall service
• negative info passed to congress sat on
•and exposed info that shows some TSA classified info to Cover their hindquarters.

Add to that that
TSA has only made 1000's of arrest over weed and other minor items but ZERO terrorist.
They've needlessly harassed old ladies, children, the handicapped, and veterans while letting known terrorist fly unmolested.
Plus the TSA started unconstitutional search people cars in Airport parking lots, search people at train stations and on the US roads.
It should really be phase out.
You forgot sexual assault and theft of passengers belongings. Both of which are rampant.
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