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Default Re: Bernie Sanders says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will work in his administration if h

Can't really hurt his chances of being elected since they can't drop lower than zero. Making the statement that you would add weapons grade stupid to your administration does an effect job of highlighting why his chances of being elected are zero.

[quote Redstate]the bull**** and the lies, can someone explain why they dislike Alexandria Occasio Cortez so much?

I think she is a very smart and capable person determined to help her fellow Americans.

Why is there such outrage from the frothy ignorant right wing crowd? do you guys really only get your information from FOX news and other right wing biased bull**** sources? [/quote]

While I can't speak for "the right" I dislike her for her positions and ignorance. One only has to look at here positions and the things she says:
- Green New Deal
- Abolish ICE
- Abolish DHS
- Medicare for all
- Free College
- Gun control positions
The list goes on. Then when she speaks about paying for all her freebies... I'm sure the university she graduated from would appreciate it if she did mention their name any more.
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