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Default Re: Bernie Sanders says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will work in his administration if h

Originally Posted by RedState View Post
Without the bull**** and the lies, can someone explain why they dislike Alexandria Occasio Cortez so much?

I think she is a very smart and capable person determined to help her fellow Americans.

Why is there such outrage from the frothy ignorant right wing crowd? do you guys really only get your information from FOX news and other right wing biased bull**** sources?
Just had to lace your inquiry with insults and BS, didn't you.

She is a hypocrite, first of all. Goes about talking about helping the working man, in $1,300 shoes...

Second, she is a freshman, but thinks she has the answer to all the ills of this world. Idealist, that's fine, but arrogant to a fault.

Third, I wholly disagree with her socialistic agenda. No one is entitled to what someone else worked for. We have programs to help those who cannot help themselves, but to believe that the government knows best for everyone, what they need, what they want, and how they should go about getting there, well, she's clueless.

As to the 'New Green Deal', the Georgia Guide Stones were honest about their goal at least, she's not. She's not an honest environmentalists either, she's ALL about socialism.
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