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Default Re: Conservative radio host says he was fired mid-show for criticizing Trump

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
Conservative radio host says he was fired mid-show for criticizing Trump

A talk radio host said he was fired from a rightwing radio station – mid-show – for criticizing Donald Trump.

Craig Silverman was hosting his eponymous show on 710 KNUS, a Denver station owned by the conservative Salem Media Group, on Saturday when the station abruptly cut to a network news report.

According to Silverman, the program director entered the studio and told him: “You’re done.”

This is why we are so divided as a country. the public rarely gets the complete truth
This is a classic example of why most posters on this forum do not take you seriously. It is right there in the article that the station let him go for a willful violation of the contract, yet you omit that important detail in an effort to vilify anyone that does not support the Never Trump agenda. But why am I not surprised? You are just following in the footsteps of the MSM which does EXACTLY the same thing.
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