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Default Re: The TSA is a Waste of Money That Doesn't Save Lives and Might Actually Cost Them

the Israelis do not have a TSA. they screen people who are SUSPECT. Not every living soul, their shoes and baby formula. that's stupid.
If a person is SUSPECT at the airport yes investigate. "probable cause" and all that.

but not WHOLESALE screening.

and on the creative end. There are some bomb experts that have found that mice can detect bomb making materials better than dogs or mechanical devices. with near 95% success. without even opening the bags.

So run every bag pass the mice screeners. No need to open a bag UNLESS you get an alert.... you have a "probable cause".

As far as safety on the plane, the 1st line is securing the pilot doors which i think has already been done.
the other is controlling threatening passengers. As mentioned the TSA has let a lot of things slip by. they have caught some knifes and some guns. but not close to all of the them I've seen more than one report of middle eastern businessmen and others who accidental left loaded guns in their carry on luggage and did not get caught by the TSA .( probably busy laughing a fat chick.)

But at this point there are air marshals on flights and frankly I think a lot of men on the flights would not allow 2 or 3 men on a flight to control it as we are told was done on 9/11.
And today ,at the least, flight attendants should have access to tazers and pepper sprays.
But frankly I'd suggest that planes be rigged with tear gas, pepper spray or the like that can take all passenger down on the plane for the duration or at least until the pilots can land. With the pilots secure in the cockpits and all the passengers incapacitated it would be EXTREMELY hard to detonate a bomb. If the pilots felt the flight was in danger there'd be little objection. (waivers signed at ticketing for the lawyers.)
The FAA's Red Team has other ideas and thinks the TSA should be removed.

And we have to remember there is no foolproof way to protect ANYTHING. But those measure are a LOT better than the keystone cop TSA agents.
Anyway those are some of my suggestions on stopping potential plane hijackers or bombers.

without ANY TSA.
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