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Default Re: Elizabeth Warren proposes new taxes to fund Medicare-For-All but says Middle Clas

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
This is why we have a republic instead of a democracy. When the government steals from A to give to B, B likes it.

In this case it's even worse, Elizabeth Warren among others can't show a realistic means of paying for Medicare for all but we can be certain that 160 million of us will lose our medical insurance. But don't worry, the Federal government will take good care of you just like they did with the promise of allowing you to keep your doctor and your insurance under Obamacare.
this is why you don't know your azz from a hole in the ground. you believe only your memes and masters instead of real scholars or founding fathers.

the fundamental principle of government in America as observed by a famous traveler is“the sovereignty of the people.”

a democracy was portrayed by a famous author as a small in your face group

but representative democracy was coined into the word 'republic'

you see these terms had not been bantered about before
some of them were even new

this is outlined here:

but beware you cannot cherry-pick; you have to read a good chunk of it and then you'll get the answer.

in America the words democrat and republic are not enemies
The IRS budget has been reduced by roughly 20%. Meanwhile, the richest 1% have been able to evade as much as $163 billion a year in taxes. These things are directly connected.
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