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Default Re: 84-Year Old Retired Cop Has Guns Seized After School Safety Comment

This is just ridiculous.
Sadly this type of thing is happening FAR to much.
I've posted similar elsewhere.
Thankfully this guy didn't have his car or house surround and get shot just becasue, "911 got a call about..."

But It'd be real nice if most cops would ask "what would Jesus do" before they made some of these moves but lets aim a bit lower than that , they should start spreading a meme "What Would Andy Do?"
or how about "What would the constitution do"

But before you even get to the cops here, WTH is up with some of these people that CALL the COPS becasue they thought he said he wanted to...
Can you imagine being married to someone like that?
everything you say being taken in the worse possible way even when you're saying the exact opposite?
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