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Default Re: Hundreds of transgender youths want to transition back, says trans rights champio

I personally know of two such people. Both succumbed to outside pressure for a gender change under pressure from parents, "friends" and phycologist in their youth. Both have issues as adults because instead of solving the gender psychosis, the physical changes actually amplified them.
One has attempted suicide several time. Both have stress issues with families despite those families being supportive.

My friend Harry has a He-She-it child now in his/her/it thirties and still confused and living at home. Irreparable damage done, all in the name of making "it" happy. Resulting in complete failure.

I don't think people, who suggest such changes for their young children ought to have ever been parents. It often is a selfish attempt to reassign gender in order to have the SON or DAUGHTER they really wanted. Or and indulgence given to please their overly protected children. Serious stuff to which no child should have the ability to decide.

There are true and sad cases of gender dysphoria. Let doctors and adult patients deal with the issues very, very carefully.
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