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Default Re: 25 Ways the Canadian Health Care System is Better than Obamacare for the 2020 Ele

Originally Posted by Bat View Post
I didn't say 'ultimate goal', I said 'stated goal'.
I think we sort of agree that what was accomplished did nothing to reduce actual health care costs.

I know this makes me sound evil and cold, but I truly believe that medical professionals (including hospital emergency rooms) should be allowed to refuse service to those with no insurance or ability to pay. Medical care at an ER is the only service one can use (demand) and never pay for.

I'd like for anybody with a specialized skill to tell me that they would be willing to provide their skilled services free of charge to anybody that showed up at their place of business if the person demanded it.
Responding to your bold'd statement:

I don't have a problem with life saving treatments to be provided to everyone in need of life saving treatments. However, there should then be an effort to recover those costs. I don't believe that we should be allowing people to die in the waiting room trying to prove they have the means to pay for the treatment.

However, when it comes to elective procedures, by all means either pay or find a way to pay.

But again, if we put the time in to looks for ways to reduce costs in the HC industry instead of focusing only on who pays for it, we would probably find ways to bring downs costs to the point where most people could afford basic HC insurance that would cover catastrophic instances.
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