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Default Re: Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry’s Origin

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
Question for the class.

Why is it somehow impeachable for a sitting president to give a call to another world leader to discuss leader stuff, yet a sitting president talking to another world leader rep on inadvertently open mike and asking for a little slack until after his election campaign is over is not?
You know the answer. President Trump's ordinary phone conversation gets spun up into impeachment by an anonymous leaker. Barack the Immaculate openly conspires with the Russians to influence our election without fear of criticism little on impeachment.

The same double standard animates the characterizations of the Attorney general. Eric Holder pledged to act as Obama's wing man. Loretta Lynch promised Bill Clinton no harm would come to Hillary from the email investigation. Jeff Sessions was compromised and so was required to recuse. Barr is acting as Trump's personal attorney. Again, you know the political affiliations of each AG.
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