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Default Re: 25 Ways the Canadian Health Care System is Better than Obamacare for the 2020 Ele

Originally Posted by Esmee View Post
A female Chinese professor once wrote a paper to compare the Chinese Health Care with the American Health Care and concluded in the end of it that the Chinese Health Care would be more beneficial to the average Chinese people. At that time, someone commented following the paper that the American Health Care had been terrible known to all the world, and it would be also terrible if the Chinese Health Care should be a little more beneficial to ordinary people, but I had no idea a bit about the American Health Care, so until now I don't know how similar the situation the American and the Chinese encounter are when they go to their respective hospitals or pharmacies. Personally speaking, the first question the doctor would asked me is "What kind of insurance do you have?" rather than "what's wrong?"

Dear America:

Costly complexity is baked into Obamacare, and although it has improved access to healthcare for some, tens of millions of Americans still cannot afford basic medical care for their family. No healthcare system is without problems but Canadian-style single-payer — full Medicare for all — is simple, affordable, comprehensive and universal for all basic and emergency medical and hospital services.

In the mid-1960s, President Lyndon Johnson enrolled 20 million elderly Americans into Medicare in six months. There were no websites. They did it with index cards!

Below please find 25 ways the Canadian health care system — and the resulting quality of life in Canada — is better than the chaotic, wasteful and often cruel U.S. system.

Replace it with the much more efficient Medicare-for-all: everybody in, nobody out, free choice of doctor and hospital. It will produce far less anxiety, dread, and fear. Hear that, Congress and the White House!...…..

…...…..In Canada, the majority of citizens love their health care system.

In the United States, a growing majority of citizens, physicians, and nurses prefer the Canadian type system – Medicare-for-all, free choice of doctor and hospital , everybody in, nobody out and far less expensive with better outcomes overall.

It’s decision time, America!

I bolded the paragraph that puts your assumptions in proper perspective. It's called propaganda. It is no surprise to us that your government would propose such misinformation to it's citizens. American Healthcare was world renowned for it's superior quality and delivery of health services. It was also renowned for it higher costs. A problem perhaps. But it funded an ability to provide basic healthcare services for everyone.

Obamacare isn't Healthcare at all. It is a mandated requirement to buy "Health Insurance." It creates a new cash flow into private insurance companies and mandates health procedures many people do not need. or want.

Canadian Healthcare, as compared sole to American Healthcare is substandard in it's ability to deliver services quickly to those who want medical care. Longer wait times, fewer doctors, fewer labs and significantly less diagnostic equipment.

American Healthcare lacks the ability to service those of lower monetary incomes with the exact same services as it provides citizens of modest incomes and wealth. But it denies no one access to care.

Obamacare is a clumsy attempt to provide equal access by lowering the quality and quantity available to all citizens thereby making access "equal."

The very rich are, essentially, unaffected.

Americans loved their Healthcare prior to Obamacare. Only politicians and the private Insurance industry loathed the system we had. The addition of the mandate did nothing to help the poor. It was easily avoided by the rich and placed an extra burden on the working middle class.

Canada has a very system of payment and delivery for services. Yes, Canadians like it. They have known no other system. But, they do tend to come here when the medical procedure is urgent. It seems those that can pay for medical services, would prefer prompt and comprehensive, high quality service.

Were it not for the ability to access our system, one wonders how enamored they would be if restricted to only theirs's.

The Chinese have come along way in a very short time to design from scratch, and create a system, virtually brand-new, that is cutting edge and fits the ideology of a communist society dependent on the government. Good for you.
The Canadian system developed on the archaic monarchial system of government responsible for providing everything to the population
The American system it developed organically over time by free people. It carries some of the mistakes of it's organic development much like we still have an appendix in our bodies we do not need. But it is still there.

Which is best depends on one's preference for individual freedom
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