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Default Re: 'I am angry,' says Sacramento business owner being forced to relocate due to home

Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
That was a very noble thing for you to try.

I'm sure if you looked deep enough into their lives, you would find bad decisions made over and over. Like pilfering from the people helping them.

I think every high school should teach classes in decision making. Let kids make decisions on different things everyday in class, and discuss the outcomes.

In high school I made a decision to party all night and call in sick on Saturday morning. I thought I made a good decision, I had a lot of fun, I also got fired.

Some people would blame the employer since it was my first offense, I knew it was my fault, and I made sure never to lose a job again. Many people would never learn that simple lesson.
Have to agree. Can't mollycoddle people which is a word I learned from an old time teacher back in the day. I think a hitch in the military helps. Boot camp and a hitch in one of the 4 branches of the military straightened out a lot of youngsters that were headed down the wrong road. Drugs weren't available when I was growing up so there's that extra element of danger for our kids to look out for.
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