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Default Re: 6 winners and 3 losers from CNNís climate town hall

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
I'm not "giving him a pass" just because he's Jewish. I think he's sincerely sensitive to idea of targeting racial groups because of his family's and cultural memory of the holocaust. his father's family was killed by Hitler.
Could he be someone who doesn't really care about that and wants to target racial groups for abortion. a full blown racist eugenicist.
maybe. But somehow i don't think so.
But IMO Sanders, like a lot of pro-abortion people, has been self-deluded into thinking that abortion is doing people "women" a favor.... and helps to mitigate "climate change". Or at the very least he thinks abortions' not bad and believes that promoting it world wide will get him votes.

Sanger was a dark witch and should be thought of historically as a freakin' super villain. Can you think of anyone since the 20th century began who's been the fountainhead of more death? the followers of Hitler Mao and Stalin mainly stopped their killing after they died. Sangers followers still kill millions every year.

mmm I Seriously doubt that Bernie "shares Sanger's enthusiasm for extermination of inferior races"... but Sanders is promoting the same pogroms to the same effect.
Your use of "pogrom" reminded me of Bernie's choice for his honeymoon, the Soviet Union. It was ruled by the same brutal system that conducted awful pogroms against the Jews and many others. Bernie age 46 at the time even joined in with his Soviet hosts to criticize the US as inferior. If he can delude himself into ignoring the slaughter of Jews by the Soviets it's not such a stretch to recognize his advocacy of US subsidies for birth control and abortions in predominantly black and brown poor nations is borne out of the same self deception.
What is a 30 something year old single man with a rock in one hand and a Honduran flag in the other?

An asylum seeker.
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