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Default Re: Chris Hayes: Electoral College ‘Would Be Unconstitutional’ If It ‘Wasn’t Specific

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
I think his point was that if we did start out by choosing a president based on a national popular vote, had the electoral college never been conceived and written into the constitution and we tried to implement such today, that it would be ruled unconstitutional by the courts. We would go from an equal vote for every citizen in an presidential election, to a person in a more populous state having less voting power than someone in Idaho due to how electoral votes are distributed under our current system. It's really not that stupid.
Rough numbers.

Idaho 1.7 million people, 2 members of Congress, 5 electors

California 40 million people, 53 members of Congress, 55 electors

Do the arithmetic. On average it takes fewer votes per elector in California than Idaho.

Remember the 2000 election recounts? Extend that into a nation level. Recounts and lawsuits could easily extend past the inauguration date provoking a Constitutional crisis.
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