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Default Re: The New York Times is no longer a news organization

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
The problem for them becomes that if they admit what they truly are, they would loose 1st Amendment protects of the press. You and I could not get away with publishing false information that the MSM does and call ourselves the free press.

As a member of the press, they are granted certain privileges and access that you and I are not. With those privileges, comes certain responsibilities which they have decided to ignore, some of which are to be fair and honest in their reporting to hold our government accountable, not just one party.
Sadly, the NYT is no danger of losing press accreditation no matter how much Resistance swill they projectile vomit. Like so much of the media they have abandoned even the pretense of journalism in favor of Resistance and partisan Democrat advocacy.

The NYT is not alone in its dereliction of journalism, the WaPo once rightfully hailed for its investigative prowess, has become the vanity rag of the world's richest man robotically copying Resistance propaganda and studiously ignoring avenues of investigation that don't conform to their owner's politics. Democrats used to rail against corporate media ownership but now it's not worth mentioning as long as the media conforms to the will of the Resistance lynch mob.
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