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Default Re: The New York Times is no longer a news organization

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
The New York Times is outing itself as something other than a news organization. They have decided that simply reporting the news is not something they are good at. Now they are into political activism.

You can read the article here:

In the article, it talks about the 1619 project where the NYT decides they are going to rewrite history to fit their narrative and support their agenda of defeating Donald Trump. Here is an excerpt:

It seems to me that if an organization wants to enjoy the protections afforded the press in the 1st Amendment, they should conform to the standards of reporting the news instead of advocating for a political party. While the NYT has pretty much admitted that they are no long news, the other political based media should be held to the same standard.
One thing that keeps being repeated, and I've yet to come up with a good summation of it, is the statement 'Donald Trump divides this country'. No, actually HE doesn't.

External groups that decided that they don't like Trump, for whatever reason, actively and aggressively verbally attacked him from day one as a presidential candidate. Not just dislike, but active animosity. While his personality grates (understatement) the accusations were flying before any proof existed, and for which, many were entirely and completely unfounded. Then to usurp Clinton in the election, and the dull roar of diversity was ramped to astounding levels.

Trumps says/tweets stupid stuff, and while I understand the probability of what he's doing is a chain tweak, it's those who are responding that are actually the ones causing the divide. Trump doesn't have the standard POTUS filters. He doesn't do 'vanilla', he says what he's thinking, and those on the PC spectrum can't handle that.

There are some who are completely unable to deal with the less-than PC. Personally, I think Trump pushes a bit too far and has a complete lack of tact. But that DOES NOT mean what he is saying is always wrong.

That all being said, virtually every news source, such as NYT, have been on the liberal train with little understanding of what true journalism is, and find themselves unable to cope with the reality that they cannot gain what isn't there. Now, they will have to find some other method to promote to underride Trump, or any conservative position, and that is an issue they don't want to acknowledge.

Sorry for the rant. Maybe.
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