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Default Re: Record 4.4M Britons waiting for non-urgent surgery, gov't figures show

Originally Posted by lurch907 View Post
I'll pay the 6 grand and not wait three years. Btw, my family has dealt with the VA enough to know that all the funding andstaffing in the world won't fix the gov't bureaucratic bravo sierra that is the actual reason behind the absurd wait times.
I wasn't in pain for those three years. We notices the problem of the deteriorating hip joint three years ago with x-rays but without any pain it wasn't a medical problem at that time. When it began to actually hurt the surgery was approved immediately.

The Phoenix VA, that I've gone to a couple of times, had a problem when they tried to cover-up the wait times because of a lack of staffing. They didn't want to appear like the problem existed instead of accurately reporting the problem that understaffing was causing.

My CBOC (community based outpatient clinic) is supposed to have a minimum of three MD's plus additional nurses, medical staff, and office workers but it's often only had one. Based upon the actual case load there should be four MD's. We currently have two but the wait times can be up to two months for non-urgent care. You can see a nurse within a day but the doctors are booked from the minute they walk in until the minute they leave.

That's a staffing problem that only funding can fix.
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