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Default Re: Record 4.4M Britons waiting for non-urgent surgery, gov't figures show

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
Why don't we ALL save a bundle and eliminate the stranglehold insurance companies currently have?

As a comparative: I needed xrays for my back - chiropractic issues. My Chiro suggested two things: Go through my insurance, and it would cost me about $150, since it would be applied to my deductible, or pay $50 cash with no insurance involvement.

Guess which one I chose?

Same chiro - pay cash, adjustment is $40. Insurance claim? $60 co-pay.

Is the point clearer now?
Slow down. You or your insurance company is going to receive a bill from the chiropractor and while you bill could be discounted because of the cash payment the discount wouldn't be that great. I've used private clinics that offered a 20% discount if I paid cash (and then submitted my bill to my insurance company for reimbursement).

From what you've presented it sounds like your chiropractor was ripping the insurance company off by way over billing them for the services provided. I could see the chiropractor charging the insurance company $60 or maybe even $70 to cover the costs and delays of billing but charging well over double what they charged you? That's robbery.

Of course this addresses a $50 medical charge and not a $64,000 medical charge that I'd expect to pay for my double hip replacement.
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