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Default Re: Record 4.4M Britons waiting for non-urgent surgery, gov't figures show

Originally Posted by lurch907 View Post
BTW I'm covered by the VA because of military disabilities and so far it's taken me about 20 weeks for non-urgent surgery I've had and that's using the outsourcing of the surgery because of understaffing of doctors at the VA. I'm in my 3rd year of waiting for hip replacement because it wasn't considered as absolutely necessary when first identified.
More evidence in support of keeping gov't as far away from my healthcare and insurance decisions as possible.
Even with the VA the government does not intervene in the medical decisions made by my physician.

There's no question about "insurance" covering the hip replacement surgery now that it's become an issue for me physically. The only problem that's delaying the surgery is the failure of Congress to fund the necessary medical staff and facilities to provide the surgery in a timely manner.

With proper funding and staffing the VA would have performed the surgery several weeks ago.

Question: How much does someone with private health insurance have to come up with out of pocket for hip replacement surgery? I've read the average cost is about $32,000 so with a an 80/20 plan that would cost the patient at about $6,000 plus. To have both hips replaced that would be $12,000 plus. That's a lot of money where I come from.

My out of pocket costs for both hips to be replaced with the VA = ZERO DOLLARS.
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