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Default Re: Trump promotes Epstein-Clintons conspiracy theory, the latest in a pattern of bas

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
Yes, "orangemanbad" was an attempted meme once.

I get that there's some suspicious sh-t going on, but you do remember that Trump is supposed to be the president, right? The President of the United States is accusing a political opponent of murder - a former president - f-cking murder - with zero proof. I don't care what side of the aisle you're on, this is unacceptable for any US president. Period. And this isn't the first time he's pushed conspiracies (Birtherism, Muslims in NJ cheering 9/11, Ted Cruz's dad helped kill JFK, etc.).

Imagine if Barack Obama shared or retweeted "Bush did 9/11!" garbage while he was president. Kinda doubtful you'd be this glib about it.

As a sidenote: lol @ a creepy perv friend of Jeff Epstein accusing another of murdering him to cover up sex crimes. Not saying either of them did, but Trump and Bill Clinton both hung out with him frequently, dude reallllly should shut up right now.
Bill Clinton, impeached for lying about sexual conduct in the WH, lied about flying on Epstein's Lolita express 26 times all over the world. Of course our noble free press interested only in the truth accepts Clinton's story without question. But Trump who flew on Epstein's plane once, domestic, and banned Epstein from Maralago for behaving inappropriately towards an underage girl is a pedophile who just needs to be exposed in the public interest.

Trump repeats a conspiracy theory he shouldn't have but the same hypocrites pushing the Russian collusion hoax even after multiple investigations and a special counsel probe debunked it ought to be ashamed for smearing Trump as a pedophile.

To the Orange man bad crowd no smear is too ridiculous as long as it's against Trump.
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