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Default Re: KFC Refuses To Be Bullied After Muslim Group Just Demanded They Change Famous Rec

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
Oh only Islam, in fact just Shia Islam.

If a franchise wanted to include Halal certified food or Kosher food in their menu, that doesn't exclude anyone. That just offers more choice to a potential customer base. Restuarants all over where I've lived and grown up advertised fish around Lent, or that they can eat there and still be observant of Lent during that time of year, and nobody ever raised a stink about Catholics.

And I'll point out again, KFCs and other fast food places in other countries already have locations that are certified halal. Kosher foods and restaurants already exist.

You guys are making it into a far, far bigger deal than it is. Maybe stay off the far-right nutball websites.
This has not a thing todo with right wing or lefty politics. Or RACISM. It has to do with knowledge of the subject. You seem to be absent that knowledge.

None of those foreign chains have Kosher Philly Cheese steak burgers.
A kitchen is either Kosher or it is not
There can be no mixture of Kosher and non Kosher in the kitchen.
I believe it is the same with Halal. But Kashrut, meat and milk together, is not practiced.

If you have ever been in an orthodox Jewish home you would see they often have two kitchens.

So,,, Pizza Hut can provide a "kosher Pickle' but it cannot provide a "Kosher" sandwich.

And since they offer pork products, the kitchen cannot be certified Kosher or Halal.
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