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Default Re: KFC Refuses To Be Bullied After Muslim Group Just Demanded They Change Famous Rec

Kosher requires the separation of meat and milk product. "The calf shall not be bathed in the milk of it's mother." When did Pizza Hut get demands from the Jewish community to stop putting pork and cheese together on a pizza? Did I miss those violent demonstrations?

If your religious beliefs say you cannot eat that which is not Kosher , parve or Halal, then don't eat it. It is not up to the vendor any more than it is up to the Government, to meet a citizen's special dietary needs. This particularly in the case of religious belief. We cannot separate government and church except in the case of Christians and Jews.

OF course the Hajib in Congress gets an exception from the no hat or head dress rule but that's different right???

On the one hand they are told, if you are Muslim, speak only for the Muslim people. If you are not of Islam,then do not speak negatively about the Muslim people as it is racist to do so. But as a Muslim one can take KFC to task for excluding them?

I am surprised they chose KFC over Chick-F-le'. Perhaps attacking the obviously Christian based chain was too obvious a double standard. I suspect they suspect most Americans are too dumb to notice, or care. But their strategy errored on the side of caution.

They would be wrong.
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