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Default Re: Donald Trump drops fight to get citizenship question on 2020 census; other federa

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
The SCOTUS agreed in it's recent ruling that the government has the right to ask the question of citizenship. It disagreed with the lame excuses given. Meanwhile the Census needs to be taken and there is no time to return through the system of lower courts and then to the SCOTUS.

So now we must approach the issue with methods some say invade our privacy. I don't see it but the case will be made. Meanwhile the executive branch will proceed. At some point next year, and election year, we will find out the real number of noncitizens.

I believe the answers will effect the outcomes of 2020 elections negatively to the radical left. The victory the left thought it had won may turn out to be not so much. They should, perhaps, learn to be careful for what they wish.
The federal government already knows the real number of citizens and non-citizens. This information is determined by sampling and surveys every year and it's very accurate.

The process for adding or deleting questions from the census form already exists and it takes about three years where the impact is studied before a decision is reached. That was the problem with Trump's proposal for the citizenship question because it failed to follow the process necessary to add the question.

Remember this. The citizenship question was last included in the census in 1950 and was removed in 1960 because it was corrupting an accurate count of the people.

The accurate count takes precedent over any and all questions that could be put on the census because an accurate count is a Constitutional requirement.

The Commerce Dept estimated that adding the citizenship question would result in an undercount of about 8-9 million (predominately Hispanic) people and that alone is enough to keep it from being added to the census form.
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