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Default Re: Donald Trump drops fight to get citizenship question on 2020 census; other federa

The information that Trump wanted is already being provided based upon studies conducted every year and that have been conducted for decades.

But the "Citizenship" issue is far from over. AG Barr and Commerce Sect. Ross refused to turn over documents based upon a House subpoena and are facing civil prosecution for contempt of Congress.

There's also extensive evidence that Ross committed perjury in his testimony before the House that could result in his criminal prosecution. While unlikely under Trump's control of the DOJ that prosecution can occur in 2021 when a new president takes office.

The investigation will continue into the actual reasons behind the President's desire to have the citizenship question on the census. There's strong linkage to a desire for an undercount on the census that the Commerce Dept estimated would be 8 million people that are overwhelmingly Hispanic. There's also the desire by Republicans to have this information in the census because it makes political gerrymandering for them much easier.

So Commerce still has to turn over the documents to the House for their investigations and the outstanding contempt of Congress by Ross and Barr are still open. This is far from over for the Trump administration.
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