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Default Re: I Really Did See An Ultrasound-Guided Abortion That Made Me Pro-Life

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post

What kind of 1960s psycho babble BS is that?
the statement is wrong so many places I'll have to reply is several parts.

1st if you want to bring serial killers and psychology and neuroscience into it at least use up to date info.[INDENT]...For example, serial killers have a 5 to 10% reduction in grey matter around the limbic system, the region where emotions are processed. This significant size difference is especially prominent in the amygdala, small glands that are directly linked to empathy and the regulation of fear. People with oversized amygdala tend to be super-altruists and those with smaller than average amygdala tend to be empathy-deficient.
The brain changes as chemicals are released when different activities are repeated. That's been proven so what you say is theory at best.

Edward Geen was sexually repressed due to his weird mother telling him those girls were evil
John Wayne Gacy was a closeted homosexual as was that prolific German soldier serial killer (name escapes me)
Jeffery Dohmer may have been a repressed homosexual, not enough info but borders on that as fact.
The man DNA evidence claims as Jack the Ripper had a fission in his man parts that caused him consternation from birth, was operated on most likely w/o anesthesia on his man parts and treated in a hospital by darkly clad nurses who hurt him changing bandages.
And so many more we can name. The movie "Cary" was not pulled out of Stephan King's arse; he got the idea from real life parents who treat their future killer kids this way making them ashamed of their bodies to the point of neurosis.
bottom line Abstinence and celibacy are not impossible or harmful... in fact the opposite in many cases.
By your definition Jesus was a sexually "repressed" latent serial killer.

maybe i'll just leave it at that.
There is not set in stone evidence Jesus was single. He was a healthy perfect human, therefore, he probably had a wife. Why we don't hear of her...possibly a pope's council or it just wasn't pertinent information.
Abstinence may not be impossible but it is improbable for healthy adults.
Like the old saying about nature when you see that the weeds are breaking through the sidewalk.
Life will.
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