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Default Re: There will not be a question asking about citizenship on the 2020 census

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
are you sure? and WW2 was centuries ago?

you may not, but that doesn't mean some in the gov't don't have that and other intent for it's use.
And it Seems clear to me the gov't knows more than it should already about citizens and non citizens.
via it's phone, internet and us mail spying programs.

Sadly too many of us are at ease with "your papers please" and even believe it's a "necessity".
The "boiling frog" analogy is more apt than ever these days.
The lost of freedoms is not even felt. While people will still proclaim loudly how free we are.
No, WW ii did not happen centuries ago, but some do claim the census was used to identify Japanese Americans. You have to wonder about that, since during that time, locating people was not the lark it is today.

There are certain things I understand the necessity of. I don't like it, but because people continually violate laws, some method of preventing certain things from getting into minor's hands, or validating that you are who you say you are, is necessary.

You continue to have your freedoms, by not participating in the activities that require ID. Of course, the government is doing it's damnedest to eliminate cash, so every transaction can be tracked, dissected, and used against you.

I could spend hours dissecting each and every infringement against freedoms and the individual, but to what point? I'd be locked up as the lunatic fringe.

But if people need to identify if they are a Citizen or not, it will and does have an impact on the governing body of this country. And THAT, we should have concern for.
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