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Default Re: Complete List Of Incidents of Hate Against Trump Supporters

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
I just heard someone on TV articulate something this morning.

Conservatives think that Progressives are just people with bad ideas.

Progressives think Conservatives are bad people with ideas. They believe that this justifies any actions they may take to shut Conservatives down, including violence.
It's not all their fault, they have this hate for the right pounded into them day in, and day out by the MSM and far left zealots.

Most can't think for themselves. You can tell because they always wait to hear what the MSM has to say, then parrot that narrative, and attack all other opinions.
"The freedom of speech is, in sum, our foremost protection against tyranny. Without it, a tyrant can work his will without any fear of his opponents uttering even one cross word."
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