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Default Re: Complete List Of Incidents of Hate Against Trump Supporters

Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
Wow that is huge! and really sad. The democrats and media ( one in the same ) has successfully turned Democrats into rabid mongrels.
Huge? You've got to be kidding me.

Hate crimes based upon opposing political opinions doesn't even make the FBI list of hate crimes.

Crimes reported to the FBI involve those motivated by biases based on race, gender, gender identity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.

Overwhelmingly these crimes are against minority races, the LGBT community, and Muslims and Jews and they're being committed by extremist right-wing ideologies that supported President Trump in 2016. The Neo-Nazis and KKK that both formally endorsed Trump in 2016 are the greatest terrorist threat in America today. This isn't a dozen or so anecdotal incidents but instead the FBI is reporting a sharp rise in hate crimes since Trump was elected of over 7,000 hate crimes being reported nationwide.

This is the same type of unsupported BS we see when Evangelical (Protestant) Christians try to claim they're under attack in America when only 2.4% of religious based hate crimes target Protestant Christians.

Yes, there have been anecdotal cases of attacks on Trump supporters. In the meantime there's been thousands of attacks by Trump supporters against others in our society.
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