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Default Re: Complete List Of Incidents of Hate Against Trump Supporters

[QUOTE=GetAClue;971965]I would suggest that lumping all Democrats into that category is painting with a wide brush as I know a few Dems that are no where near that deranged, but I also will acknowledge that most of the violence that we see related to politics, comes from those on the left. And that would stand to reason as most left wing policies are based on emotional responses to issues as opposed to policies that take into account logical and practical solutions to problems.

Therefore when you see a group of people that make their political decisions based on emotions, it only stands to reason that those same people allow their emotions to control their lives. And when you allow emotions to control you lives, your actions soon follow.[/QUOTE]

Appeasement, is feeding the crocodiles, hoping they will eat you last.
Winston Churchill
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