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Default Re: David Hogg’s Admission To HARVARD Now Publicly Questioned

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
That would be HAVAHD. Your welcome.

I can't for the life of me remember the numbers and percents, but some guy on a radio talk show the other day (yeah I know, good solid validation) was saying if admissions to certain ivy league schools was based on SAT scores and NOT fulfilling racial/demographic quotas, we would see a huge change in admissions.

So you could work your butt off, score top of the SATs, and be a shining academic star, but if you are a white middle class boy, your chances of being accepted, have dropped tremendously.

And people wonder why motivation is at an all time low.
That's true, I forgot about skin color and quotas. But I'm sure they are able to use the SAT to weed out any of those crazy conservatives with dark skin, and promote the skin colors that best reflect HAVAHD political beliefs.

Yes, HAVAHD does sound better, it gives it the demeaning snootiness it deserves.
The socialist / Leftist fringe, now controls the Democrat party. Unfortunately the moderate/Liberal left, doesn't realize it.
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