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Default Re: DHS to run out of border money

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
By denying President Trump the funds needed to handle the humanitarian needs of the events on the border is evidence of the true evil of the left. They do not care about the suffering of the migrants or the overwhelmed US border staff attempting to handle the volume in a humanitarian manner.

No money for the wall. Fine. But fund enough to feed and house the people and get their cases adjudicated swiftly.

The Crisis at our southern border isn't the flood of so called "law abiding " illegals clamoring over the border. The crisis of our nation is that the Democrats are using these people as pawns in their effort to frustrate and de-legitimize the Trump administration.
Allow them to enter the United States under the Refugee Act of 1980 and it eliminates virtually all of the illegal border crossings by refugees seeking asylum.

For those that do cross the border illegally to apply for asylum, that grants them the lawful right to be in the United States, let them out of detention so the government doesn't need the "beds" that Trump is requesting funding for.

Only two reasons exist for keeping a person in detention:
1. They represent a threat to society. Refugees applying at the border or that apply after illegally crossing the border do not represent a threat to society.
2. Risk of flight. Refugees that apply at the border or that apply after illegally crossing the border do not represent a risk of flight.

There's no justification whatsoever for ICE and the CBP to be detaining these people once they've filed for asylum.
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