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Default Re: The words that Esmee met in her reading life for the first time

14) stimulate the production of opium for analgesia /ˌŠnəlˈdʒiːziə/ n. 痛觉缺失

15) anathema /ə'nŠθəmə/ n. a thing or an idea which you hate because it's the opposite of what you believe

16) allay /ə'leɪ/ vt. 减轻、使缓和 the boredom and fatigue
allay fears/ allay concern

17) co.a.le.sce /kəʊəˈles/ v. into
if ideas or things coalesce, they combine into a single group.

18) a state of /ˈleθədʒi/ n. --- lethargic adj.
无精打采 the state of not having any enthusiasm or energy for doing anything

19) the /kənˈkɒmɪtənt/ spread of American English
adj. / n. 随之而来的,相伴的

20) traverse v. to cross an area of land or water n. 遍历、导线测量

21) guz.zle v. 狂饮 to drink sth. quickly and in a large amount
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