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Default Re: The words that Esmee met in her reading life for the first time


1) pre.pos.ter.ous /prɪ'pɑstərəs/ a. 荒谬的、可笑的(out.ra.geous 反常的)
The whole idea sounds absolutely preposterous.

2) fa.cetious /fə'siʃəs/ a. 乱引人发笑的、不分场合耍聪明的(facetious comments) (flippant a. 轻率的、轻浮的 such a flippant remark)

3) par excellence 最优秀的(仅用于名词之后)

4) scintillating /ˈsɪntɪleɪtɪŋ/ adj. 才情洋溢的、妙趣横生的 very clever, interesting, and amusing

5) furtive ɜː adj. behaving as if you want to keep sth. secret (secretive)

6) to have connotation of /kɒnə'teɪʃ(ə)n/ n. 隐含意义 a quality or an idea that a word makes you think of that is more than its basic meaning.

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