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Default Re: Several American embassies defy orders from Trump administration to honor 'Pride

Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
Thanks for confirming my belief that most Trump supporters are a bunch of hateful bigots.
Tell me, do you think gays are the ones that asked for a pride month? Are gays asking to fly their flag at the embassy?

I would say NO! I believe it is the non-gay Democrats that are doing this stuff, and telling gays they are doing it for them.

When in actuality they are doing it to solidify votes, and also doing it so they can point fingers and rain down hate on anyone that disagrees.

All this stuff is 100% political. I know you are probably not able to see it.
The socialist / Leftist fringe, now controls the Democrat party. Unfortunately the moderate/Liberal left, doesn't realize it.
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