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Default Re: A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ocasio-Cortezís Green New Deal Short Film Is Delusional

In a new, seven minute animated video from The Intercept, narrated by and starring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) we are transported, via an NYC to DC bullet train, into the future. It is 2028, and what a world it is. On the downside, Hurricane Sheldon at some point left significant portions of Miami underwater, but on the bright side, former oil workers are planting mangroves under the direction of Native American elders. No, Iím not making this up.

The style of the video is a paintbrush quickly illustrating page after page of the glorious Green New Deal. In fact, we are told, after Democrats take back the Senate and White House in 2020, it will usher in the decade of the Green New Deal, transforming not only the climate, but also, in fact more importantly, the economy. In fact, we are told it will change everything. There will be guaranteed jobs, Medicare for All (promised to be the most popular program of all time), and all the gummy bears you can eat. Okay, I made the last part up.

At the top, we are given a survey course of climate change science over the last 40 years and introduced to the evil oil companies and corrupt politicians who worked to silence the brave scientists. This pretty much brings us to today. The Green New Deal has been proposed, but its too big, too fast, say the naysayers, clearly being chided. As mentioned above, the proponents of the Green New Deal succeed.

The biggest problem, we are told, after the government takes over half the economy is a labor shortage, which kind of makes the guaranteed jobs stuff not make a lot of sense, but whatever. Next we hear about the universal childcare initiative, presumably some situation where the government raises your kid. We find out that ďcaring for others is valuable, low carbon work.Ē Okay. Meanwhile every building in America is being retrofitted for renewable energy, a process that would likely expend more carbon than it reduces.

By the end, a young woman from Ocasio-Cortezís district who apparently in the space of 10 years went from working for AmeriCorps, to becoming an engineer, and then a teacher, successfully runs for Congress in 2028. Guess whose seat she wins? Yep. So where does that leave Ocasio-Cortez? Senator maybe? Who are we kidding; this voiceover from the future is coming straight from the oval office.

I have to admit. This is a great piece of political propaganda. For Republicans. If I was advising a GOP candidate in a swing district, Iíd tell them not to run any TV ads but just buy blocks of time to show this bizarre dystopian vision of a country that could not be less like our own. There is no individual ambition. There is no small business. There arenít even any families. All is provided for by mother state. When you understand that this what the socialists in the Democratic Party really want, itís actually quite chilling.
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