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Default Re: From tequila to TV cameras here is a list of US goods China is targeting with a

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
From tequila to TV cameras — here is a list of US goods China is targeting with a 25% tariff

Frozen, dried, smoked and salted beef
Frozen spinach and legumes including peas, beans and lentils
Fine and coarse rice, corn and wheat flour as well as processed oats
Any plant mainly used as a spice
Virgin olive oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and sesame oil
Soda and bottled water
Spirits including gin, tequila, vodka and other distilled spirits and alcoholic beverages

Building stone, bricks, panels and floor tiles
Wall and ceiling coverings
Pipes and tubes
Wood flooring and carpets
Small tools including handsaws, scissors and other blades
Tools used for drilling, milling or boring

Furniture including metal or wood frames for upholstered furniture
Bedding and sleeping bags
Footwear including leather and rubber boots, sports shoes and accessories for shoes
Hats, umbrellas and walking sticks
Lighting fixtures
Watches and clocks
Musical instruments including upright pianos, stringed instruments, wind instruments and keyboards
Parts for railway or tramway locomotives
Track signal equipment for railway or tramway
Sailboats, motorboats and yachts
Canoes and other recreational vessels

Coffee makers, hair dryers, microwaves, space heaters, electric ovens
Television broadcast cameras
Telecommunications equipment
Microphones, headphones, speakers, recorders, DVD players and other accessories for video and audio equipment

Rocks including granite, marble, chalk and sandstone
Precious and semiprecious stones including diamonds, rubies and emeralds
Metal ores including iron, nickel, zinc, titanium and zirconium
Natural liquid gas
Chemicals including chlorine, iodine and sulfuric acid
Dyes and pigment

Looks like that hit pretty near every agricultural state in America. Way to make America great again huh?
What amoung these items cannot be produced in another country? Even in America?

Btw you list is flawed

Bottled natural gas???/ come on we export the stuff.

Progressives demand a $15.00 an hour wage minimum here. But complain when we inhibit imports from nations using companies that pay slave wages.
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