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Default Giant rally planned to confront Dem state rep who accosted elderly woman and pro-life

Giant rally planned to confront Dem state rep who accosted elderly woman and pro-life teens praying for unborn babies

Brian Sims, the cowardly Democratic state representative from Pennsylvania is the face of the intolerant left in America today.

The abortion enthusiast projected himself onto the national stage when he was seen on a video boasting about harassing an “old white lady” standing outside an abortion clinic.

The woman was alone, praying silently when Sims aggressively confronted her and filmed himself taunting and haranguing her — again, this is a state lawmaker.

But that was only a glimpse of how despicable the Democrat is.

Sims apparently fancies himself as a progressive martyr defending the “right” to kill unborn babies as he posted a second video a few weeks back of himself setting upon three teenage girls outside a southeastern Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood facility, Life News reported.

Not only does he verbally assault the girls in the Facebook Live video, he encourages viewers to doxx the teens — publicly posting a person’s name and contact information to draw harassment.

Embedded video

Live Action

Replying to @LiveAction
UPDATE: Watch PA Rep @BrianSimsPA offer up $100 for the identities & addresses of 3 TEENAGERS who are fighting for the lives of preborn children.

This is despicable.

1:42 PM - May 6, 2019
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Twitter Ads info and privacy

Sims again takes issue with the apparent pro-life supporters being white — although he is corrected by one of the girls, who tells him that she is not white — and makes it clear that he thinks little of Christians.

In other words, today’s typical hard-left progressive Democrat.

“What we’ve got here is a bunch of … pseudo Christian protesters who have been out here shaming young girls for being here,” Sims is heard saying in the clip. “So, here’s the deal, I’ve got $100 to anybody who will identify these three, and I will donate to Planned Parenthood.”

When the teenagers walk away with an adult woman, the self-appointed mouthpiece for women everywhere turns his attentions on a young man

“What makes you think it’s your job to tell women what to do with their bodies?” he asked. “The truth is I’m not really asking because I don’t care. Shame on you!”

Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio released a statement that called Sims out for his “extremism.”

“State Rep. Brian Sims’ harassment of a woman’s peaceful and religious exercise of her First Amendment rights is yet another example of a troubling trend of growing extremism and hypocrisy among Democrats,” DiGiorgio said in the release. “People are entitled to exercise their First Amendment rights and should be free from intimidation and harassment, even when their views makes left-wing Democrats like Rep. Sims uncomfortable.”

Sims, who must think being elected to the state legislature gives him the authority to interject where he pleases, responded online to the attention his antics have drawn by doubling down on his hatred of Christians.

“Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values,” he tweeted.

Then again, Sims proved long ago that not only does he have no class, but that he is a raging idiot.

Here’s how he welcomed Vice President Mike Pence to the City of Brotherly Love in 2018.

That Democrats willfully elect a man like this says all that needs to be said for the party, though the remarkable thing here is that with Facebook and Twitter banning conservatives left and right, the social media platforms allow Sims’ intimidation.

When it comes to extremist bullies like Sims, sometimes the best response is to take a stand, which is precisely what conservative writer/author Matt Walsh proposed in a tweet calling for a “huge pro life rally” in the Democrat’s backyard.

“This coward is accosting women and children at this clinic in Center City. Let’s organize a huge pro life rally at this location. I’d be happy to drive up there. Who’s game? Let’s see if Brian is man enough to show up when there’s more than just kids and elderly women there,” he tweeted.


Brian Sims

Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values. #BeReal

Live Action

WATCH: Pennsylvania State Representative @BrianSimsPA harasses an elderly woman who is peacefully advocating for the lives of preborn human beings and women who are considering abortion.

This is shameful.

3:38 PM - May 5, 2019 · King of Prussia, PA
Wow! What a dick
What a guy, going after the elderly and kids and outing the kids so they get bullied. The face of the progressive Left.
The Democrats are not after the truth, they are after the President.
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