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Default Re: How Silicon Valley CEOs conspired to drive down 100,000 tech engineers' wages

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
yes, you mean "the system" as in the gov't being a watchdog, not the market.
Since the market (raw unchecked capitalism) didn't self correct here.
And sadly this is just one example of where corporations have been exposed and condemned for this type of thing. it's an ongoing problem.

Churchill has a quote about Democracy that IMO can be adapted to Capitalism.
“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”
....Capitalism is the worst form of economics, except for all the others.
I remember talking with a woman who couldn't get a job working on circut boards cause she was over qualified. I think that was maybe the 90s or early 2000's. she had worked several years in the field and there were indeed jobs in it. she was 40ish
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