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Default Re: Rachel Maddow, Democrats used misleading Barr video to suggest he lied to Congres

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
In looking at AG Barr's statements I'd ask about the following from Barr's four page summary where he states:

The Mueller Report states the reasons why a determination of criminal conduct was not made while also stating who was to make that determination and it was not left to the Attorney General. Mueller's Report explicitly established, based upon DOJ policy, that only Congress or the Department of Justice after Trump left office could make that determination. The DOJ is restricted to the use of an indictment to allege criminal conduct and cannot make any statement of criminal or even misconduct of a person not under a criminal indictment.

As we can recall former FBI Director James Comey violated DOJ policy when he was critical of Sect of State Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information and in calling that handling "careless" in his announcement that she'd not committed any acts that justified prosecution. The DOJ Inspector General was highly critical of Comey for violating the policy of making statements about an unindicted person.

Robert Mueller and Bob Barr were expressly prohibited from making any statement alleging criminal conduct of the President. The matter did not fall upon the Attorney General that was also prohibited from making any statement that President Trump violated the law.

The Mueller Report also states:

If the evidence establishes that Trump cannot be cleared of obstruction of justice then AG Barr claim that Trump didn't commit obstruction of justice is contradicted by the Mueller Report. Barr, like Mueller, is prohibited by DOJ policy of making a decision that Trump did obstruct justice that can only be made in a criminal indictment.

Next concern.

In this weeks Senate hearing AG Barr was asked if he or Rod Rosenstein or anyone on either of their staffs had reviewed the evidence related to the Obstruction of Justice. AG Barr stated that no one had reviewed the evidence.

How could AG Barr and Deputy AG Rosenstein make a decision on obstruction of justice without ever reviewing the evidence and why did AG Barr falsely claim that their determination was based upon the evidence when he's since stated under oath that they never reviewed the evidence?

Answers anyone?
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The special counsel law requires the report to be turned over to the AG for disposition. As AG Barr informed once the report is submitted, it is his baby.

Mueller failed to reach a decision on obstruction, leaving the decision to Barr. Barr with Rosenstein at his side adopted Mueller's framework then reviewed the 10 instances enumerated in Mueller's report before concluding obstruction had not been been proven.

Barr and Rosenstein assumed Mueller was the competent investigator Democrats had insisted he was for the past 2 years. So, he didn't attempt to second guess Mueller by trying to review the raw evidence. Oh wait, Mueller didn't reach the desired conclusion so Barr should have spent months reviewing the evidence they gathered.
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