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Default Re: The words that Esmee met in her reading life for the first time

10) punch press operator

11) scrounge |skraʊndʒ| v. scrounge sth off/from sb.
to get sth. from sb. by asking them for it rather than by paying them for it

12) schizophrenia |ˌskɪtsəˈfri:niə|

13) discrete |dɪˈskri:t| (separate) adj.
independent of other things of same type

14) transpire |trænˈspaɪə(r)| v.+that 无进行时
When it transpired that sth. is the case, then people discover that it is the case

15) prerequisite for sth.
sth. that must exist before sth else can happen

16) tenet |ˈtenɪt| n.
one of principles that a theory based on

17) shrub(s)

18) viable-->viability
that will be successful / that can survive independently
(a viable opinion)

19) pathological |ˌpæθəˈlɒdʒɪkl| pathology
(pathological fear)

20) stifle |ˈstaɪfl| v. (suppress) (suffocate)

21) detrimental |ˌdetrɪˈmentl| to sb. (damaging) (harmful)

22) to the exclusion of 排斥
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