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Default Re: The words that Esmee met in her reading life for the first time


1) dividend |ˈdɪvɪdend| n.
an amount of the profits that a company pays to people who own the shares of the company

2) glycerine |ˈglɪsəri:n| n. is a thick, sweet, colourless liquid that is used in making esp. medicines, explosives, and antifreeze for car 甘油

3) inhabited the Atlantic littoral adj./n. |ˈlɪtərəl|
the part of a country that is near the coast
(littoral states)

4) heyday |ˈheɪdeɪ| n.
the time when sb./sth. had the most power or success

5) despoil |dɪˈspɔɪl| v. (despoil sth. from sth.)
to steal sth. valuable from a place

6) phenomenal |fəˈnɒmɪnl| a.
very great or impressive

7) liquorice / licorice |ˈlɪkərɪʃ| n.
a firm black substance with a strong flavour, obtained from the root of a plant, used in medicine, or making sweets 甘草

8) assume many guises |gaɪz| n.
often appear in a way that is different from usual or that hides the truth about them

9) disseminate |dɪˈsemɪneɪt| v.
to disseminate information or knowledge is to distribute them so that they would reach more people
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