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Default Re: The words that Esmee met in her reading life for the first time

Originally Posted by Esmee View Post
19) exert |ɪgˈzɜ:t| v.
to use power to affect sb.
if you exert yourself, you make a great physical or mental effort, to do sth.

20) the exertion of ...

21) descend / transcend

22) pervasive |pəˈveɪsɪv| a.
existing in all parts of a place

23) erotic & aphrodisiac exotic

24) crib
a long open box that horses can eat from

25) ecstatic a.
if you're ecstatic, you feel very happy and full of excitement.

26) psychic / physical

27) come to terms with
to accept sth. unpleasant by learning to deal with it

28) a configuration of
a configuration is an arrangement of a group of things

29) elude |iˈlu:d| v.
to manage to avoid or escape from sb., esp. in a clever way
If something that you want elude you, you fail to obtain it.

30) crass way
crass behavior is stupid and does not show consideration for other people

31) infidelity |ˌɪnfɪˈdeləti| occurs when a person is married or in a steady relationship has sex with other people

32) come to such a pass
to reach a sad state

33) illusory |ɪˈlu:səri| a.
If you describe sth. as illusory, you mean that although it seems true, it is in fact false or impossible.

34) supervene |ˌsuəˈvi:n| v.
to happen, esp. unexpectedly, and have a powerful effect on the existing situation

35) extravagance n.
the act of spending more money than you can afford

36) frail & fragile
You've been busy.
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