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Default Re: Pelosi Says 'A Glass Of Water' With A 'D' Could Win Districts Like Ocasio-Cortez'

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
What Nancy forgets is that AOC in order to win the seat first had to defeat a long time considered safe Democrat.

This is happening more and more. Nancy's seat may not be as secure as she thinks.
Pelosi is speaker of the house and high ranking politician. Meaning when her party is in control of the house and senate again she gets push for legislation and other ****. Freshmen politicians don't really get much say in ****. So I don't think her constituents want to give that up. The only way Pelosi leaves office is if she croaks, or becomes incapacitated due to some age related medical condition. If anything she is in a much safer district than Ocasio-Cortez is.
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